How to Con: Your Guide to Enjoy Denver Pop Culture Con

It is time! Denver Pop Culture Con starts tomorrow and soon you will be swept up with the masses of humanity gathering for one main purpose: to geek out together. (If you haven’t bought tickets yet… what are you waiting for? Click here to get your geek on.)

Before you venture forth, sneak a peek at these quick and dirty tips that will help you stay quick but not dirty during the entire DPCC weekend. Parents, tips about kids are marked with a ?emoji (because we’re trying hard to help you avoid that face)!

?Pick a Panic Spot

There will be a LOT of people wandering through the Con, and therefore it’s quite possible you can get separated from your group. That, or you might just get tired of each other and need to divide and conquer for a bit. Thus picking an “In Case of Panic” spot at the start will serve you well! Make sure it’s somewhere you can see from across the room and that it’s unique enough to not get confused with another part of the event. Set a specific time during the day when you all will absolutely meet up there unless you see each other before then.

In the words of Arthur from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “Don’t panic!”

Buy or Bring a Water Bottle

There are drinking fountains near every restroom within the Colorado Convention Center, so you can (and should) stay hydrated by bringing an empty water bottle or buying one in the morning. (Make sure if you bring one that it’s a dispensable type, just in case you decide to chuck it because you’re carrying all of your merch.)

Wear Really Comfortable Shoes

Unless your cosplay requires heels or some type of fancy foot fashion, go with shoes you’d be fine with hiking in. There is so much walking involved with the Con; you don’t want a blister to ruin your good time.

Worry About Wifi Later

You’re about to join thousands of other geeks in one place, all armed with mobile devices and all wanting to access networks at the same time. As a result, your connection will be reeeaaaaally slooooooow. Use your phone’s native camera to capture photos and videos which you can upload and share later.

This also means that texting or calling each other in the event may not work. That’s why we really do emphasize the need for the “In Case of Panic” spot we mentioned at the top.

?Take Breaks

This is especially for you 3-day badgers: you have time to get to everything, so take opportunities to cop a squat and take a load off. Parents, you’ll especially want to remember that wandering through tons of adults who are likely taller than you takes a toll on your kids, so give them (and yourselves) some moments of respite. It’s great that child tickets for DPCC are so affordable; it makes it a bit easier to pace your kids through the weekend!

Leave for Lunch

A crucial break from the crush of humanity indoors is to bring your group out of the Con for lunch. Getting outside, getting some fresh air, and not waiting in yet another long line for food is a fabulous chance for a digestive boost, as well as a mental one. We like heading to Sam’s No. 3 on 15th Street, Sprout Social which is just across the street, or heading over to 16th Street Mall for a bite.

?Bring Mobile Games (for Lines)

If you’re planning on seeing specific panels and Q&A sessions with celebs, you’re going to wait in line. Typically the queues rack up about 60 minutes before the session starts, which means you’ll see intricate lines of humans sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce on the carpet to hold their place. You’ll be glad you brought that UNO deck along!

Group seated in line playing cards
A little entertainment as you await even more entertainment!

Row by Row

As you make your way by all of the booths in the exhibit hall, pretend you’re shopping at DSW and stick with your row. It’s the best way to see all of the things you’re interested in… though don’t be afraid to bypass a human traffic jam by skipping to the next row over.

?If you do encounter a denser pack of humans, remember your littles… because they really are littler than the adults around them! It’s easy for them to get separated and lose sight of you quickly, so stay tethered to them as you meander your way through the masses.

?Sugar Up As Needed

Bring along a few assorted snacks for a quick pick-me-up as you proceed through the day. Even just a quick fruit snack can jump start your tots to keep going until the next meal or chance to chill out.

Be Courteous to Cosplayers

Cosplayers dressed up pose for a picture

Guess what? You’re going to see Halloween x1000 at Denver Pop Culture Con, and the sights will astound you. It’s perfect Instagram material! However, cosplayers are attendees, just like you, and are not obliged to pose for your pictures. Do them and yourselves a solid and always ask if you can take their picture before getting in their face with your device.

Parents, Parent!

This whole event is about the senses, and with all of the amazing sights in store it’s easy to lose sight of one important truth: some exhibits are meant to be seen and not touched. The amazing LEGO displays, some of the artwork and sculptures, wares on sale by merchants… in all things, help your children navigate the wonders respectfully. Because, as we all know, if you break it, you bought it!

LEGO set of the Joker's hideout
Let go of the LEGOs!

Enter the #UnpauseIt Photo Contest!

Remember our tips on taking pictures? Make sure to share your very best moments of DPPC2019 to the hashtag #UnpauseIt, because one lucky winner will receive a free Google Home Mini!

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