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Does sequelitis strike like lightning? Learn what the UnpauseIt family thinks as we review Thor: The Dark World, the second movie in the Thor storyline. We’re now post-Avengers and getting ever deeper into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the countdown to Infinity War!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Release information about the film, Thor: The Dark World;
  • How Captain America just about out-Loki’d Loki;
  • Debate about if the Hulk could take down The Cursed;
  • Why we want Marvel to create more One Shots;
  • … and more!

Links & stuff for this episode:

UnpauseIt rates this movie (out of 10 total, with 10 being the highest score):

  • 7.15 out of 10 Death Threats to Loki (by the kids – average score),
  • 7.5 out of 10 Death Threats to Loki (by the adults – average score).

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