Teaching Dad How to Play Minecraft

Minecraft… Minecraft… MINECRAFT! If the kids aren’t playing it, they’re talking about it. Thus it seemed about time for the parents to get a notion about what this game is, how it works, and why the UnpauseIt kids love it so much.

Watch the VIDEO of the son teaching his dad Minecraft on YouTube!

In this next episode of UnpauseIt, the boys of the podcast enter a Minecraft realm where it quickly becomes apparent that the younger player might have ideas about how to turn the tables on the older player. Is this a tutorial or target practice? Enjoy watching and listening to the guys of UnpauseIt experience Minecraft on the same screen.

Teaching Mom How to Play Minecraft

Teaching Mom How to Play Minecraft | UnpauseIt

For well over a year, the kids of UnpauseIt have been immersed in Minecraft. Do we parents know what it is? Barely. Do we want to play it? Hardly. Should we learn it anyway? Why not?!

Watch the VIDEO of our guided gameplay on YouTube!

In this episode of UnpauseIt, the girls of the podcast dive into Minecraft. The 9-year old @FuriousGirl guides the 43-year old @LadyDisdayn into this world which represents the focus and fandom of kids all over the globe. The parents might still be trying to figure out why, and if that’s something you can identify with, this episode will give you some valuable insight for why your kids freak out over Minecraft.

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