SHAZAM! (Movie)

Parent Rating

8 out of 10 Suitcase Wedgies (by LadyDisdayn)

Parents’ Guide: There are some scarier scenes with CG monsters; one in particular is a bit more intense and happens in the first half of the movie. If your kid is under 12 and sensitive to monster violence, you might want to get them a sitter. There are also themes of family displacement and disappointment, though these are balanced with positive themes of foster care and friendship.

Kid Rating

5 out of 10 Suitcase Wedgies (by TheSauce)

5 out of 10 Suitcase Wedgies (by FuriousG1rl)

Kids’ Guide: Our kids are partial to Marvel, though they enjoyed Man of Steel, Aquaman, and thus all superhero films that aren’t Marvel are judged by a harsher scale. That said, the kids laughed and reacted to the entire film with energy and enjoyment. There are several aspects to the film which really connect with a tween/teen today, so it’s a solid family film.

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