Serenity Forge: Video Games That Go Farther

In our latest podcast episode of UnpauseIt, our family crew had the chance to sit down with the founder of a video game development company that is just about an hour from our house. Zhenghua (Z) Yang is the founder of Serenity Forge, and we came away from this interview knowing about video games, and the team that puts them together, and how they are designed to do much more and go much farther than mere entertainment.

Take a listen to the show, and we took the liberty of providing some of the links and notes below you may find useful as you learn more about Serenity Forge games!

Featured Games by Serenity Forge

The King’s Bird

A momentum-driven game, Quill is trapped in a kingdom but escapes… yet then she realizes maybe there was a reason she shouldn’t have escaped. Available now on PC and all consoles!

Once Upon a Coma

A psychological narrative game, Pete wakes up realizing all of the parents are mysteriously gone and that maybe the world isn’t quite what it seems. This game play takes up today’s commentary on anxiety, depression, and suicidal issues facing our society and how our kids today can talk about them. Coming soon to PC and consoles…

Half Past Fate

A romantic comedy game, a diverse cast of characters tackle relationships consisting of all types and all genders of people as they navigate varying spans of time. Coming soon to PC and a couple of unannounced consoles…

Want to be a video game programmer?

Z recommends University of Denver, University of Colorado-Boulder, and Colorado School of Mines as the best options for taking courses in game programming. But truthfully? YouTube has so many free resources you can use to learn how to program your own games.

PLUS, you can download and use free video game engines like Unity, GameMaker, Unreal, or RPG Maker to start creating your own game today. (In fact, they used GameMaker and then Unity to create The King’s Bird!)

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