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UnpauseIt Rating of Little Women (2019)

Know before you go: pay close attention to the hairstyles, as that’ll help you keep the timelines straight.

Kid Rating

8 out of 10 Ink Smudges* by Furious Jeb (11-yr old girl)

*Listen to our reaction podcast for a more spoilery unit of measure…

Parent Rating

8.5 out of 10 Ink Smudges by LadyDisdayn (44-yr old mom)

If you only liked or even disliked the 1994 film adaptation of Little Women, we think you’ll like or even love this 2019 release. For one thing, there aren’t any changing of actors based on age or timeline; each actor plays themselves throughout the story of the March family and all they touch. (That’s why we found hairstyles to be a solid anchor for knowing where in the chronology you are.)

The focus, obviously, is on the little women themselves – the March sisters – and you really get a sense of their sisterhood and family bonds in this film, much more so than in the 1994 film. And while Jo is still the most focused-upon character, the movie gives a solid amount of screentime and story spotlight on Meg, Beth, and Amy as well.

If you have sisters (biological or otherwise), you’re likely to come away with some true warmth and reflection from this film experience. And since it’s coming out on Christmas Day, maybe it’ll foster a better family connection for the new year!

About Women

This film is absolutely a commentary about the status of women in colonial America. We wouldn’t achieve the legal permission to vote (we always had the right, but it wasn’t official) until 1919, so the historical setting absolutely contributes to the stories and experiences of the characters.

It was interesting to learn Furious Jeb’s takeaway (as a young girl) from this film, and that was that she plans to stay single and never have to marry. From an adult perspective, there were at least a few moments where the characters really nailed the frustrations and dilemmas of women in that era… and we were all pondering how far (or not far enough) we’ve come since then.

Jump to Light Speed Spoilers

This was an interesting foray into film review as it was just done by the girls, and the outing itself gave rise to some interesting discussions on the way to the theater. Take a listen and see if you can do better than LadyDisdayn did with important historical dates!


If you’re also into Minecraft, there’s a segment in the podcast where Furious Jeb waxes on about Minecraft updates, styles of play, tactics, etc.

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