Introducing: UnpauseIt

A family of four nerdy folks.

Hey there! Thanks for peeking into this little universe where a family of four fairly geeky people like to nerd out about entertainment.

Believe it or not, we don’t actually look like the characters in the image above (though that would be truly cool). But it’s a nice montage that represents the kinds of things we love to follow.

Who are we, anyway?

You’re right, this is an introduction. Let’s do that now.

I, LadyDisdayn, am the one writing this post and kind of the engine behind this whole thing. That is to say: I got the website set up, got the podcasts recorded and published, got the social media sites going… I’m basically the IT of our household. (Fun for me, eh?) I know just enough to get myself in deep with new ideas, but this is one of my favorites because it brings my family fully into the mix. My real name is Rachel, and you can find me elsewhere on social media @rachelmoorers.

The man of the household, or the only one at least for right now until kids get a bit older, is TheDadAbides (also known as Jeremiah). He’s the guy who’s into Zelda, Final Fantasy, and yelling at other review shows when he thinks they’re getting it wrong. He’s a bicycle mechanic, a historian in training, and a tat-bearing brainiac. He’s hardly on social, but if you tweet at him maybe he’ll feel compelled to respond: @_thedadabides.

Then we leave the adult zone and enter the realm of the UnpauseIt minors…

TheSauce, more often referred to as Willis, is a banjo-playing, Lego-wielding bookworm who never ceases to surprise us with his creative inventions. Whether he’s using Canva to create his very own weird desktop theme or a controller to battle through boss after boss, he loves being entertained (and he loves entertaining, though only when he’s in the mood to be the center of attention). He also doesn’t – yet – have a smartphone because we parents are trying to put off the inevitable.

Furi0usGirl is our Georgia, is the cat-lover of the crew (no really, we all love our cat, but she absolutely adores ALL cats) and finds her fun in digital gaming. She digs watching her favorite YouTubers play Sims and then turns around to create her own worlds therein. If school were on seven days a week, she’d be thrilled. Also no smartphone for this one for a while, and that’s just fine by us!

What do we talk about?

If it’s entertaining to us, we talk about it! Our first foray into this whole UnpauseIt effort was a 20-movie review series of the Marvel movies leading up to Avengers: Infinity War, and it was a blast. We’ve also done a couple of kid-teaches-parent sessions in Minecraft which… well, they ended up pretty much the way you’d think!

AND… we’ll talk about what you ask for! If you have ideas or requests for reviews, there’s no better way than to comment below, message our Facebook Page, or just shoot us an email.

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