Happy New Year!

all four at the hockey game

Grown-ups, are you ready to start typing “8” instead of “7” on all things date-related? (Ha, remember when it was more about filling out checks?)

Kids, are you ready for at least three months of hardly any holidays off from school? (That was always the big bummer after New Year’s Day was over.)

We’re off to a new year!

What are some of your big (or normal-size) plans for 2018?

Some of ours are:

  • Keep rolling out podcast reviews for each Avengers movie leading up to the release of Infinity War on May 4, 2018.
  • Help @TheSauce_ and @Furi0usGirl get acclimated to their gaming laptops and use them responsibly (we told them this is a testing ground for how ready they are for smartphones down the road).
  • Start up video game and app review episodes of the podcast.
  • Get some travels in to see family this year, mostly in California, but also maybe a road trip to Washington D.C.
  • Teach the kids to use Twitter (which, considering how we see a few big names use it, we think they can navigate fairly well).

Moments from 2017

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