End of a COVID Summer

We’re still here.

What a year this has been. No matter what point in 2020 you started feeling that all was not as it had been before, we all have been part of a brand new experience in how we live day to day, and that carries over into how we are entertained. Perhaps that’s even one of the biggest changes we’ve gone through, as limitations on our usual ways to seek fun and friends have helped us invent new ways to find the fun.

This episode we discuss what we did for entertainment during the COVID summer of 2020 (what we’re hoping is the only COVID summer rather than the first of multiple). We chat movies, shows, video games, other games, books, and random outlets we’ve tried to appease our cabin fever; take a listen and see if you’ve tried some of the same or if we can turn you on to something new!

The video version, if you’re so inclined, is also on YouTube!

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