Captain Marvel (Movie)

Parent Ratings

8 out of 10 Flannel Shirts by LadyDisdayn

8.5 out of 10 Flannel Shirts by TheDadAbides

Kid Ratings

9 out of 10 Flannel Shirts by TheSauce (Willis)

6 out of 10 Flannel Shirts by FuriousG1rl (Georgia)

A bit more reaction…

Our 12-year old crew member declared Captain Marvel is his second favorite Avengers film, which is mega high praise considering how much he adores Thor Ragnarok! Nevertheless, he had a fantastic time with this movie and we parents had a better time watching him enjoy it with us.

This film felt overall a bit more family-friendly than many of the other Avengers movies: the violence and battles were a trifle more muted than what you typically see, there was hardly any romance but definite themes of family, and of course CATS.

From a man vs. woman perspective, I (LadyDisdayn, a 44-year old woman) felt far more satisfied by the themes about sexism and gender in Captain Marvel than TheDadAbides (our 42-year old man of the house). The heroine theme wasn’t overplayed, but the way they did approach it felt very appropriate to today: this was just another day in a woman’s life, whether she’s a Kree noble hero warrior, a fighter pilot for the USAF, or a mom on a farm.

Watch the full reaction, review, AND get some spoilers for Captain Marvel if you like (only at the end!) in our show on YouTube.

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