UnpauseIt is a review show of today’s entertainment by a family of four. Two parents in their 40s and two kids in their tweens tackle the nerdy and adventurous projects, movies, series, games, books, and events that everyone wants you to spend your time and money on.

UnpauseIt is a podcast as well as a video show, so you can listen or watch based on your preference. Click here for ways to subscribe and partake of our family reviews.

How We Got Started

Our family has always geeked out over entertainment: board games, superheroes, video games, cosplay, books, tech, and everything in between. And we have always talked – incessantly – about how we feel and think about those things.

So one day, we figured we should start recording our discussions and publish them as a podcast. Rachel, the mom of the family, had some experience in that area, so it was a matter of putting the tech behind the power of our conversations.

Where We Go From Here

As the kids get older and the entertainment continues, our reviews will naturally evolve. But the fun is in the journey, and we’ll always love going back to listen to our debates (especially as the kids’ voices change)!